RSS Feeds – Your Best Way to Attract New Subscribers

Commonly known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, RSS Websites are formatted web feeds that are frequently published in different entries in form of blogs, audio or video and news headlines. All of which are done in standardized format.

The documents presented are called feeds, channels or web feeds which consists of texts that are done either in full text or in summarized form. These documents have complete details of the name of the author or writer including the date it was published. This is technically called metadata. In case the reader liked the content of the text, he/she can apply for a subscription to get an update of the author’s new articles or topics.

The software used to read RSS feeds called “RSS reader” or “feed reader”. It is also called “aggregator”. It can be applied either web-based, desktop-based, or by mobile-devise-based. The standardized format called XML can be published only once in different programs.

In order for you to attract new RSS subscribers, it is important that you make the necessary corrections before submitting your RSS feed including correct formatting to give a good impression of your feed. Good presentation of your feed will mean an increase of RSS subscribers and more subscribers will be inclined to promote your website to their friends and other online associates hence more web traffic to your website or blog.

RSS feed readers can usually auto detect your RSS feed if you use RSS Auto Discovery tags. By using RSS Auto Discovery tags the searchers or visitors will automatically be informed that a feed is obtainable for the said content. You may also include an RSS Icon on the upper page that is attractive enough for the RSS readers to take notice and if possible, make it appear in every web page within your website or blog, so when online users conduct their search in any keyword using RSS search engine, they will automatically be able to find your feed.

Submitting your RSS feed to various feed directories is one way of informing your subscribers that you have a new RSS feed available, with more information about your feeds through Press Releases. More subscribers will likely do more subscriptions if you create the “one-click subscription” method for easier access to subscribers.

Since this method is quite new to some readers, it may be of great advantage if you give a brief summary of what RSS is all about and what to do about it, so visitors to your website or blog will be properly informed and educated on the ways RSS is used.

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